Hungarian Society of Urology

Giant renal angiomyolipoma – Case report

DOI: 10.22591/magyurol.2020.3.fabiann.103

Fábián Norbert dr.1, Szekeres Ibolya dr.2, Köves Béla dr.1, Tenke Péter dr.1
1Jahn Ferenc Dél-pesti Kórház és Rendelőintézet, Urológiai Osztály, Budapest (osztályvezető: Tenke Péter dr.)
2Jahn Ferenc Dél-pesti Kórház és Rendelőintézet, Patológia Osztály, Budapest (osztályvezető: Shönléber Julianna dr.)


Introduction: Renal angiomyolipoma (AML) is a benign tumour that contains abnormal blood vessels, smooth muscle and adipose cells. The main indications for active treatment are suspected malignancy on the imaging examination, high risk of bleeding or presence of symptoms.
Case report: We present a case of giant renal AML in a 47 year old female patient, who presented with left sided abdominal pain. Computed tomography (CT) examination revealed multiple AML’s (the largest AML was 12 cm) on the left kidney. The affected kidney was removed after arterial embolization, postoperative histopathological examination confirmed the lesion as a multifocal renal angiomyolipoma with infarction foci, associated with tumour embolization.
Conclusions: Nowadays, with the increased use of imaging studies most cases of AML’s are now discovered incidentally and therefore the giant renal AML’s is rare. In these patients early surgically treatment is the only possible option due to high risk of bleeding. Nowadays occurrence of giant renal AML’s occurrence is rare however there is a high risk of spontaneous rupture and life threating haemorrhage. We would like to emphasize the importance of regular follow-up by an urologist in case of patients with AML.


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