Hungarian Society of Urology

Infection control and bacterial multidrug resistance issues in urology departments

DOI: 10.22591/magyurol.2022.1.peterfil.8

Péterfi Lehel dr., Szántó Árpád dr., Villányi Kinga dr.
Pécsi Tudományegyetem KK, Urológiai Klinika, Pécs (igazgató: Szántó Árpád dr.)


Recently there have been changes and new information on urogenital infections, especially catheters/foreign bodies related types have occurred, that has practical implications and may help the work of urological departments and associates.
Our summary based on the database Urological Clinic of the Pécs University and the infection control practice, taking into account the recommendations of the European Society of Urologists (EAU) and the American Society of Urologists (AUA). We also took part in the compilation of a methodological letter issued by the Hungarian Chief Medical Officer on the prevention of urinary tract infections related to bladder catheters.
In urology departments, urinary tract infections associated with foreign bodies and caused by multidrug-resistant strains are higher than in other departments. Public health, infection control, and hygienic aspects of the problem have been reported, requiring the development of novelties such as antimicrobial stewardship.


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