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Preserved erectile and ejaculatory function after glansectomy for penile cancer

DOI: 10.22591/magyurol.2017.1.királyi.2

Király István dr., Pajor László dr., Bajory Zoltán dr. Szegedi Tudományegyetem, Urológiai Klinika, Szeged (igazgató: Bajory Zoltán dr.)


Introduction: The glansectomy is an accepted curative method in the therapy of the penile cancer with significant aesthetic and functional defect.
Case report: The 38-year-old patient was operated for biopsy proven penile cancer, which occupied nearly the whole glans. The resected area, the tip of the corpora cavernosa was covered with buccal mucosa graft, and the cut edge of the urethra was inverted against stricture formation. The histopathology revealed squamous cell carcinoma surrounded with 1 cm wide, healthy tissue. No adjuvant oncological therapy was performed. Patient passed urine freely and continued normal sexual life although penis was shortened and its sensitivity slightly diminished. Two years after the operation the patient’s wife delivered a healthy baby.
Conclusion: The aesthetic penis resection is a good solution for young penile cancer case resulting normal urination and preservation of sexual function.

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