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Scrotal lymphangiomatosis: a case report of a multilocular scrotal cutaneous benign tumour

DOI: 10.22591/magyurol.2017.1.damasdim.13

Damásdi Miklós dr.1, Rózsa Annamária dr.2
1PTE KK, Urológiai Klinika, Pécs (mb. igazgató: Szántó Árpád dr.)
2PTE KK Bőr-, Nemikórtani és Onkodermatológiai Klinika, Pécs (igazgató: Gyulai Rolland dr.)


Objective: Lymphangiomas are benign tumours of the lymphatic system, and there are several reported cases of scrotal lymphangioma in the literature to date. We report a rare case of multilocular cutaneous scrotal lymphangiomatosis treated with surgical excision (partial scrotal skin excision and reconstruction).
Case report: In the clinical case presentation unidentified, progressive scrotal skin lesions appeared in a 21-year-old-male. During the diagnostic studies the abnormal lymphatic network of the scrotal skin was confirmed. After the diagnostic tests on treatment options scrotum skin removal and reconstruction was performed. After the intervention, the patient’s condition improved locally, so far recurrences were not observed.
Conclusion: For the diagnosis of lymphatic malformations localised to male external genitalia, tissue sampling is essential. This case demonstrates that complete excision is an effective course of treatment for chronic scrotal lymphangiomatosis.

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