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Effectiveness of Canephron® combined phytotherapeutic drug for the prevention of recurrent bladder infections

DOI: 10.22591/magyurol.2018.3.magyara.113

Magyar András dr., Köves Béla dr.
Jahn Ferenc Dél-pesti Kórház és Rendelőintézet, Urológiai osztály, Budapest (osztályvezető: Tenke Péter dr.)


Objective: Due to the emergence of bacterial resistance to antibiotics, non-antibiotic prophylaxis and treatment of recurrent cystitis is of utmost importance. Herbal medicine traditionally plays an important role in non-antibiotic prophylaxis. Canephron is a novel combined phytotherapeutic drug, containing three different medicinal plants. Its efficacy for reducing recurrent cystitis episodes was investigated in several studies. Our objective was to review available publications on the phythoterapeuthic drug.
Methods: We performed a PubMed search and further collected references from available systematic reviews. The main outcomes of interest were: (1) the effects of the active components; (2) its efficacy in prevention of recurrent cystitis episodes; (3) evaluation of side effects; (4) evaluation of side effects during pregnancy.
Results: Four relevant publications with a total of 304 included patients were identified and analysed. Due to methodologic limitations, the studies were difficult to interpret and their clinical significance remains unclear. Based on the results of the existing studies Canephron was shown to be effective in the reduction of episodes of recurrent cystitis. Side effects were insignificant and the drug can also safely be used during pregnancy.
Conclusions: Non-antibiotic approaches are of high priority in prevention of recurrent cystitis. The existing studies suggest that Canephron can be effectively and safely used for prevention of recurrent acute cystitis. Its efficiency, however, needs to be confirmed by further well-designed clinical trials.

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