Hungarian Society of Urology

Re-evaluation of prostate biopsies at our hospital

DOI: 10.22591/magyurol.2022.4.balogha.152

Balogh Ákos dr., Monostori Zoltán dr., Böszörményi-Nagy Géza dr.
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kórház, Urológiai Osztály, Budapest
(osztályvezető: Böszörményi-Nagy Géza dr.)


Introduction: Our work is a continuation of a study conducted in 2015 at the Urology Department of the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital and Outpatient Clinic.

Patients and methods: We studied clinical data before the prostate biopsy, method of preparation, conditions of intervention, the results and complications. We also examined the relationships between complications and clinical data.

Results: The overall mean PSA values before histological sampling were found to be 58.65 ng/ml, while excluding values above 100 ng/ml being found to be 15.97 ng/ml. The mean age of the patients was 71.9 years.
In 15.65% of the cases, DRE showed a discrepancy that suggested a tumour process. In cases of histologically proven carcinomas, the rate of positive DRE was 78% and 22% in the case of a negative histological result.
The type of antibiotic prophylaxis was changed (fosfomycin in 76%). In this group of patients, the incidence of febrile complications was found to be 1.17%.

Conclusions: The introduction of standardized antibiotic prophylaxis has reduced the incidence of infectious complications.
Our results are comparable with the literature data the predictability of DRE, the hit rate and the incidence of infectious complications show a more favourable picture.


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