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Reimplantation of artificial urinary sphincter pump after scrotal skin erosion

DOI: 10.22591/magyurol.2016.4.fehera.196

Fehér Ádám dr., Bajory Zoltán dr., Hajdú Erzsébet dr., Pajor László dr. (Szegedi Tudományegyetem, Urológiai Klinika, Szeged (director: Bajory Zoltán dr.))

Objective: The authors present the history of a patient suffering multiple scrotal skin inflammation and pump perforation following artificial sphincter implantation.
Case report: The presented case – a 76 year-old patient – was operated because of prostate cancer. The dissection revealed positive surgical margin and for this reason irradiation was performed. Just after the operation the patient noticed total incontinence and the conservative treatment was unsuccessful. In 2013 after the right evaluation an artificial sphincter (AMS 800) was implanted and the patient became continent. Half a year later, scrotal skin inflammation developed around the pump and within a few days the pump perforated here. Two options emerged for elimination of the disease, to remove or to reimplant the perforated component. Operation was performed: proper local desinfection, resection of the surrounding skin and the pump was reinserted. The wound healed and the equipment functioned in a normal way. After two years, in the same manner as previously, scrotal skin erosion developed. Once more reimplantation happened and activation of the artificial sphincter. During the last half a year it is still working and the patient remained continent.
Conclusion: In selected cases of skin perforation of artificial sphincter pump urgent reimplantation can be performed.

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