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The vesicoileocutaneostomy: a definitive solution for incurable urethral stricture

DOI: 10.22591/magyurol.2016.4.oroszim.193

Oroszi Márton dr., Rosecker Ágnes dr., Pajor László dr., Papos István dr., Bajory Zoltán dr. (Szegedi Tudományegyetem, Urológiai Klinika, Szeged (director: Bajory Zoltán dr.))


Objective: The authors present a successful operative solution for incurable combined urethral stricture.
Patients and method: Between 2005 and 2015 vesico-ileocutaneo-stomy was performed in four patients. Urethral stricture, irradiation, radical prostatectomy and small pelvic trauma were the basic cause of developing the dense scarification around the bladder neck. A 10-15 cm long ileum was isolated for the connection of the bladder and the skin surface. The patient passes the urine through a stoma. The preservation of the bladder and the ureteral orifices avoid the patient from the stricture formation at the level of the ureterointestinal anastomosis as it is a usual complication in the Bricker-bladder.
Results: The patients are satisfied with the urine stoma as they get rid of the danger of total retention. Early complication was not obsessed, the late complications – perineal fistula, stoma stricture and parastomal hernia – were successfully repaired.
Conclusion: As „ultimum refugium” vesicoileocutaneostomy can be performed in patient with dense urethral stricture.

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